Personal Injury Claims, When To Call a Personal Injury Attorney for Advice

Personal injury claims are the basis for many of the lawsuits that are handled in civil court. Even some criminal cases are followed by a civil case when injury is the result of criminal behavior.

In this litigation guide article, we will help you with knowing when to call a personal injury attorney for advice. Most offer free case evaluations, so there is no fee for discussing your situation with them.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

This is a broad category of civil law. Personal injury lawyers, or litigation attorneys as they are also known, represent clients in the following types of cases: Wrongful injury, wrongful death, motor vehicle injuries, dog bites, property liability, product liability, discrimination of any kind, harassment of any kind and medical malpractice lawsuits involving doctors, nurses, pharmacists or hospitals. Even in cases of assault in when criminal charges were not filed or didn’t stick, civil lawsuits can be successful.

Paying Fees to Attorneys

In some cases of negligence, the litigation attorneys will work on a contingency basis. If they settle or win a judgment in the case, they will be paid. If they lose, they won’t. In these types of personal injury lawsuits, there are no upfront fees. The agreement usually calls for the lawyers to receive a percentage of the settlement plus their costs.

In other cases, you will need to hire an attorney and pay hourly rates. This can make it very difficult for some people to pursue a lawsuit, even when they’ve been wrongfully harmed. If you can’t afford to hire an attorney, lawsuit funding is an option.

There are lenders that specialize in lawsuit funding. They loan money and use any future settlement or judgment as collateral for the loan. In most cases, they don’t require the loan to be paid back if the case is lost.

Because of the risk incurred in lawsuit funding, which is sometimes called litigation funding or a lawsuit cash advance, the lender will want to discuss your case with your attorneys and review documentation showing the strength of your case before they agree to make the loan.

Should You Call A Personal Injury Attorney?

In reality, there is little reason not to. There is no risk to you in most cases, and an evaluation is often free. If you believe you’ve got a legitimate lawsuit, it makes sense to at least have your case considered by one or more personal injury attorneys to get the benefit of their wisdom and experience in such matters.