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What is the Role of a Civil Litigation Attorney and How Can They Help You

A civil litigation attorney has only one role, and that is to act in the best interest of the client! The civil litigation attorney is hired as an agent of the client and is there to advise, direct and represent that client. The attorney will help the client navigate the tricky legal world of potential litigation […]

I Was Injured On Someone Else’s Property, Is There Anything I Can Do?

Personal injuries often occur when an individual is on someone else’s property. The person might be a guest of the property owner, a mailman, a utility worker or service technician, or may simply be walking across the property. In this Litigation Guide guide article we will help you understand when you might have a case for a […]

Sexual Harassment at Work, 10 Ways Your Supervisor May Have Crossed the Line!

Some supervisors just don’t get it! They sexually harass employees and don’t realize they’re doing it…or don’t seem to care. The harassment can be real regardless of the sex of the supervisor or of the employee, whether the supervisor is the same sex or the opposite sex. In this litigation guide article, we will outline […]