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Product liability lawyers and Liability Law

Product liability lawyers work hard to make sure we are all safe from dangerous or falsely advertised products. The attorney’s job is to ensure that all manufacturers play by the rules and are held responsible for any damages that may cause. Every manufacturer has a legal responsibility to produce a safe product that performs as […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits – The Facts on Dog Bite Lawsuits

When a personal injury happens, the furthest thing from most people’s minds is recourse. Initially shock may set in, and victims are primarily concerned with the immediate circumstances. Yet, without the necessary legal representation, and an experienced attorney working on your behalf, things can get much worse. Anyone suffering an injury due to someone’s misconduct, […]

Brain or Head Injury at Work? What Are Your Rights?

Brain or head injuries at work can be severe, incapacitate you and even cause death. A life that was once normal and complete, can easily turn into a nightmarish void. A family that has depended on you as the breadwinner may find themselves unable to pay the normal bills and now be faced with higher medical […]

Challenges Associated with Suing for Defamation

Understanding Defamation In basic terms, defamation means that something has been printed or said that hurts the reputation of a person or business. Defamation lawsuits can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars and in high-profile cases can go well into the millions. It is important to understand that any defamation is serious but bringing a […]

Personal Injury Settlements and How They Relate to Taxes

How Personal Injury Settlements can Effect your Taxes and Annual Filing Deadlines If you have won a personal injury case and are receiving a monetary settlement there are important tax considerations that you will need to be aware of. Many settlements come in a lump-sum payment, especially if an insurance company is trying to avoid a trial. […]

I Was Wrongly Accused of Stealing at Work | What Steps Should I Take First?

Being falsely accused of a crime at work can cost you your job, or a demotion and may restrict your ability to advance in your career. If you decide to leave the company, the departure will show on your work record and may have a negative effect on future job opportunities. In this Litigation Guide article we […]

My Airbag Didn’t Deploy, Can I Sue the Car Manufacturer?

If your vehicle’s airbag did not deploy in an accident, you may be able to sue the manufacturer for product liability. In this Litigation Guide article, we will help you understand your rights and if a product liability suit could be successful for your airbag not deploying. Manufacturer Guarantees on Air Bag Deployment Car manufacturers make written statements […]

A Drunk Driver Hit Me And Now I Can’t Work, What Are My Next Steps?

If you are out of work due to the negligence of a drunk driver, you should act immediately to protect yourself and your financial future. If you can’t work due to injuries, emotional trauma or even the loss of your vehicle, what should you do? When you’ve been the victim of a drunk driver, these […]

I’m Involved in a Personal Injury Lawsuit, Should I Speak With the Insurance Company Directly?

If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, in most cases it is best to let your attorney handle all communications with any insurance company. In this Litigation Guide guide article we will help you understand  will help you know how to proceed whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Plaintiffs and Insurance Companies in […]

I Was Injured On Someone Else’s Property, Is There Anything I Can Do?

Personal injuries often occur when an individual is on someone else’s property. The person might be a guest of the property owner, a mailman, a utility worker or service technician, or may simply be walking across the property. In this Litigation Guide guide article we will help you understand when you might have a case for a […]