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The Step by Step Process of Lawsuit Settlement Loans

A lawsuit loan is a cash advance against an anticipatory judgment or settlement award. Personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs, with a strong case based upon the factual merits of the case, may qualify for such loans. Care should be taken when considering a lawsuit settlement loan because borrowing against a future settlement or judgment, while helping with immediate […]

Top 5 Advantages of Lawsuit Funding Transactions

What is Lawsuit Funding? Suffering a personal injury or a devastating accident can place the victim in severe financial hardship. Many victims attempt to recover financial compensation for the injury through legal channels. The problem is that financial bills and obligations do not go on hold while a plaintiff’s case makes its way through the […]

Lawsuit Settlement Funding, How to Get Your Cash Quickly

When a person is in the process of filing a lawsuit to get compensation for an injury or damages it is often the case where funds are needed quickly for everyday expenses. Maybe the individual can no longer work but the bills keep coming in and there may be new medical bills. It is often […]

How Much Can You Get in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is not necessarily associated with a standard amount of money. There are always specific case particulars in the calculation process, and the value of a claim varies according to what damages can actually be claimed in addition to the loss of life. It is important to remember that the decedent is […]

Waiting on a Personal Injury Settlement? How to Get Cash Now

A settlement loan based on an upcoming settlement might be a good choice for you if you need money now. Settlement loans, sometimes called lawsuit loans, litigation loans or legal cash advances put cash in your pocket quickly while you’re waiting for money from a lawsuit settlement. The money you receive can be spent on […]

Out of Court Settlements, Do I Have to Take a Settlement If It is Offered?

If you are offered a settlement by the defendant in a lawsuit, you are not required to take the offer. You have several options and this litigation guide will outline them for you. In this Litigation Guide article we will discuss what out of court settlements are and what your next steps are if you are offered […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits, The Difference Between Compensatory Damages and Punitive Damages

In personal injury lawsuits in which a judgment is made against the defendant, compensatory damages are the standard type of damages awarded. If the actions of the defendant were willful, aggressive or exceptionally negligent, then punitive damages might also be awarded to the plaintiff. In this Litigation Guide article we take a look at the […]

Litigation Law, What is Litigation and Understanding How it Applies to You

Litigation law broadly describes law that focuses on trials. Litigation attorneys prepare for trial, argue or defend cases at trial and are involved in appeals. Litigation lawyers are often called trial attorneys for this reason. In this litigation guide article, we will help define what litigation is and how it might apply to you or […]