About Us

The Litigation Guide website was launched to provide consumers with detailed information about what role a litigator or trial lawyer plays, how to find a litigation attorney, and what steps you need to take when filing a lawsuit.  Planning and research can help you know if you have a reason for a lawsuit and what your next step should be in the process.

Please let us know your thoughts and if you have a suggestion for a litigation guide article please visit us on our contact page and let us know! We love to hear from our readers and want to know what kind of articles you would like to see.

What Will You Find at Litigation Guide?

As you browse around the litigation guides website, you are going to notice we have quite a few sections of information. The information includes:

Types of Lawsuits Specific to Litigation Attorneys

On the following pages, we outline each of the different lawsuits where litigation attorneys would be involved and what each lawsuit entails. These include:

Information about Litigation Attorneys

In this area of our website, we give you detailed information about what purpose the litigation attorney serves including:

  • What a litigation attorney actually does
  • The best way to find a litigation attorney for your lawsuit
  • The types of fees involved with hiring one

Lawsuit Funding

Settlement loans or lawsuit funding can help you afford your legal fees while you are in the process of settling a lawsuit. Basically, these loans are given based on what you may receive in your future settlement. Things you can learn in this section are:

  • The purpose of a settlement loan
  • How to obtain lawsuit funding
  • Requirements you may need to meet
  • Ways to find and contact the right attorney for you