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List of 10 Class Action Lawsuits Homeowners Should Follow

Whether the case has recently been certified, is in on-going litigation, or has reached a class action settlement these are some of the top-10 product liability and homeowner class action lawsuits to follow: 1. Wells Fargo is defending its mortgage refinancing practices in a California class action lawsuit. Plaintiffs in the suit allege the banking […]

Product Liability Lawsuits, How to Find Out if a Class Action Suit is Active

Product liability lawsuits often turn into class action lawsuits when enough people are harmed or injured, the situation gets publicized and attorneys are found who are willing to take the case. Class action lawsuits that began as product liability suits but were expanded when the extent of the problem was uncovered and are common. They […]

Litigation Law, What is Litigation and Understanding How it Applies to You

Litigation law broadly describes law that focuses on trials. Litigation attorneys prepare for trial, argue or defend cases at trial and are involved in appeals. Litigation lawyers are often called trial attorneys for this reason. In this litigation guide article, we will help define what litigation is and how it might apply to you or […]