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Waiting on a Personal Injury Settlement? How to Get Cash Now

A settlement loan based on an upcoming settlement might be a good choice for you if you need money now. Settlement loans, sometimes called lawsuit loans, litigation loans or legal cash advances put cash in your pocket quickly while you’re waiting for money from a lawsuit settlement. The money you receive can be spent on […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits, The Difference Between Compensatory Damages and Punitive Damages

In personal injury lawsuits in which a judgment is made against the defendant, compensatory damages are the standard type of damages awarded. If the actions of the defendant were willful, aggressive or exceptionally negligent, then punitive damages might also be awarded to the plaintiff. In this Litigation Guide article we take a look at the […]

Physician Malpractice, What to Do When Your Doctor Gets it Wrong!

Most physicians are competent, but they do make mistakes. When you are harmed by physician malpractice, medical malpractice lawsuits might be your best means of recovering damages. In this litigation guide article, we will outline what constitutes malpractice and what steps you should take if you think you are a victim. What is Physician Malpractice? […]