What to do In Case of Accidental Airbag Deployment

An airbag is one of the many systems that automobile manufacturers implement to protect drivers and passengers from harm during a crash. These systems consist of complex components that work by measuring the force of a vehicle in a collision. The device has special sensors built-in that can detect a force that is greater than 10 miles per hour. In the event of a collision, the microchip sensor is supposed to cause the air bag to deploy and prevent the driver or passenger from getting hurt in the accident. Unfortunately, not all airbags operate properly, and some people receive injuries because of such. An airbag lawyer can help in such a situation, as well as a quick look to see if there are any class action lawsuits already in progress for airbag product liability.

In the case of an accident, the airbag is supposed to cushion the force of the driver or passenger moving forward and preventing that person from  hitting the steering wheel, the front window or the dashboard. Side airbags also help prevent injury and can keep someone from being thrown out of the vehicle. Even in an accident, a person can sustain significant injuries or even death from an airbag deployment. Any person who is injured because of an airbag deployment has a right to seek counsel on the matter. Random airbag deployment is an even more viable reason for a person to file an airbag lawsuit.

Airbag Injury Statistics
According to a report released by the National High Traffic Safety Administration, hundreds of people have died from airbag injuries and thousands of people have been injured. The nature of the injuries included such injuries as bruises, ruptured eyeballs, glaucoma, concussions, skin lacerations and more. Even when an airbag saves a person’s life, it is not acceptable for that person to have to live with injuries caused by an airbag defect. An airbag lawyer can make sense of a case and let that person know if he or she would be able to collect a settlement for personal injury.

Personal Injuries and Airbag Deployment
A person who is injured from an airbag has three options for seeking compensation. He or she can sue the automobile manufacturer who is responsible for assembling the vehicle. The person can also isolate the suit to the airbag company, if that company is different from the automobile manufacturer. A third person or organization the person can sue is the company or person who was performing regular maintenance on the vehicle. An inspection company may also be liable for the incident if the inspector did not check the airbag for proper operation.

A Driver’s Rights
Drivers and passengers have the right to protection from harm from any device they purchase or spend time sitting in. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that the devices are safe for all members that may use them. Therefore, when a person receives an injury from an airbag, the incident falls under the product liability sector of personal injury. Manufacturers should warn users of all possible dangers. They are also responsible for building the devices in the least hazardous manner.

What to do in Case of an Airbag Deployment
Anyone who is hurt in an airbag deployment incident should contact an attorney immediately following medical treatment. To receive a consultation for an airbag lawsuit, the victim can call the airbag attorney by phone or complete brief online form stating the nature of the contact. The attorney will review the incident and determine the win potential. A reliable attorney may be willing to represent the party on a no recovery no fee basis.