Product Liability Lawsuits, How to Find Out if a Class Action Suit is Active

Product liability lawsuits often turn into class action lawsuits when enough people are harmed or injured, the situation gets publicized and attorneys are found who are willing to take the case. Class action lawsuits that began as product liability suits but were expanded when the extent of the problem was uncovered and are common.

They involve a wide range of products including automobiles, products containing harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals with undisclosed side effects, dangerous tools or children’s toys and much more. When medicines and medical devices are involved, medical malpractice class action suits are also a possibility.

In this litigation guide article we will outline the steps you can take to find out if there is a class action suit that is open to you.

Getting Information About Class Action Lawsuits

If a class-action suit is open to you, you might be notified by attorneys representing either side. For example, if you own a vehicle, electronic equipment or other product that you have registered, you should receive written notification of a pending lawsuit. In medical malpractice suits, if you were prescribed a medication or medical device and the information is in your records, you’ll be notified.

Any written notification will include the name of the attorneys handling the lawsuit and you can get information from them regarding the status of the lawsuit, often on their website.

Hard to Find Class Action Lawsuits

For products that aren’t registered, getting information is more difficult. In some cases, the lawsuit is publicized in national media, and many people learn about suits that way. The name and phone number of lawyers handling the case are often provided.

The information in the media might be the result of media reporting or it might be mandated by the judge handling that case. When it’s required by the judge, the announcing of the suit is often done through print, radio and television.

If you have heard or suspect there is a product liability class action lawsuit that you might be able to join, the best thing to do is to conduct an online search of the product followed by the words “class action lawsuit.” It’s likely that you’ll find information that will help you get connected to the attorneys in charge of the lawsuit. You may also want to type in a medical issue you have and then add the words “class action lawsuit.” Spending a little time on line will provide a lot of information if there happens to be a lawsuit out there.