Xarelto Class Action Lawsuit and What You Need To Know

Xarelto is a new blood-thinning drug linked to thousands of injuries and death since its approval in 2011. The drug has seen massive setbacks considering that more than 80 lawsuits are already in a federal court, in Louisiana. Law firms like Schmidt Firm, LLP are accepting injury cases related to the drug. This is like many other class action law firms that set up free case consultations with their lawyers. Any individual suffering from such symptoms can get in touch with their Defective Drug Litigation Group.

More about Xarelto

Xarelto is an anticoagulant for treating blood clots, pulmonary embolism, and deep vein thrombosis, currently selling under Bayer HealthCare and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. It serves as one of the alternatives to Warfarin, which has been in the mainstream since the 1950s. Warfarin however, comes with dietary limitations, and requires frequent dosage changes and monitoring. Even though Xarelto is an easy-to-use pill, it does not have a reversal agent like Warfarin, which makes it difficult to stop bleeding if a patient is on Xarelto. Recent studies report that Xarelto has a higher risk for uncontrollable bleeding, especially in acutely ill patients.

Lawsuit Information

Mostly, class action law attorneys work with the theory of, filing a class action for a group of individuals exposed to a defective product. However, most of the law firms involved in the Xarelto Class Action Lawsuit are considering individual lawsuits to enable each victim to receive the maximum compensation and justice. This is because some victims may be disadvantaged if they have severe injuries as opposed to the general perception, which the court might hold. The FDA is looking into a Multi-District Litigation under Judge Eldon E. Fallon for Xarelto lawsuits. This will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and bring together similar legal claims. It is certain that some of the cases will be bellwether trials as a means of expediting settlements or resolutions for similar legal issues in the future.

Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals are still marketing Xarelto as a superior anticoagulant despite the recent happenings on higher rates of gastrointestinal and brain bleeding than those of Warfarin. It is important to warn patients of the risks involved in taking any blood thinner and the doctors should be aware of any warnings and complications and be advised on how to intervene or stabilize Xarelto patients when bleeding does occur. It is important that the rights and safety of every patient should be the number one concern and nothing should come before preventing fatal injuries or life-threatening bleeding because of the use of any drug.

Most law firms are providing free lawsuit reviews. Law firms are easily accessible over the internet through common search engines such as Google, social media, and mass media. It is important for victims to look for law firms that are conversant with similar cases such as those having experience with Pradaxa cases. Pradaxa is another blood thinner that was all over the news for almost the same effects as Xarelto.

If you feel you are a having a problem with Xarelto you should consider talking to patient advocates with any questions regarding the blood thinner, and how to pursue any legal action depending on the severity of each injury. You should also consider staying informed on the latest news and pending lawsuits on the drug. There are other affiliate companies in these lawsuits such as Drugwatch, which can assist a victim in finding a qualified attorney. This is apart from providing information on the drug and assessing the legal viability of each case.