I Was Injured On Someone Else’s Property, Is There Anything I Can Do?

Personal injuries often occur when an individual is on someone else’s property. The person might be a guest of the property owner, a mailman, a utility worker or service technician, or may simply be walking across the property.

In this Litigation Guide guide article we will help you understand when you might have a case for a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Lawsuits for Injuries on Private Property

Every homeowner has the responsibility to maintain his property in a safe and secure manner. Failing to do so might be deemed as negligent or criminal behavior. For example, a property owner must keep walkways and steps leading to the home in good repair and free from snow, ice, debris and other dangers.

A property owner must keep dogs under control using a leash, a chain, a kennel or other means. If the dog owner knows the dog is vicious and exposes others to the dog, the owner is acting negligently or possibly criminally.

If you are injured through the negligence or criminal behavior of a property owner, you have the right to pursue damages in a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a litigation lawyer.

Personal Injuries Occurring on Someone Else’s Property

Slip and fall injuries are common in these circumstances. Dog bites are also very common, with hundreds of thousands occurring every year that require medical attention. Other sources of injury include unsafe conditions in a home or elsewhere on the property, illegal or negligent behavior by the property owner such as failing to fence in a pool or hazard, or illegal or negligent behavior by a guest of the property owner. The number of ways a homeowner or guest of the homeowner can be liable due to negligence or illegal behavior are many and varied.

Proving Personal Injury and Negligence

To have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit, your injury must be the result of the property owner’s negligence or criminal behavior. For example, if you are playing football in their well-maintained yard and trip, hurting your knee or back, you probably won’t have a case. If you fall in an open hole that was unmarked, you probably would have a case.

Talk with an experienced personal injury attorney about the facts of your injury. The litigation attorney will evaluate the facts and might pursue more information from the property owner, the city in which the property is found, medical records, etc.

Good litigation attorneys will determine why your injury was the fault of the property owner acting in a criminal or negligent way. This is crucial to filing and winning a personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluations, so call several to find the right litigation attorney to take your case.