Personal Injury Lawsuits – The Facts on Dog Bite Lawsuits

When a personal injury happens, the furthest thing from most people’s minds is recourse. Initially shock may set in, and victims are primarily concerned with the immediate circumstances. Yet, without the necessary legal representation, and an experienced attorney working on your behalf, things can get much worse.

Anyone suffering an injury due to someone’s misconduct, can quickly discover additional consequences without the proper professional support. A personal injury case, especially those revolving around a dog bite injury, is complex, and requires a lawyer to help victims put their best interests first.

Insurance Companies are Not on Your Side

Injured parties, especially someone who has never had to deal with an insurance company before, can easily be placed under the misconception that they are being adequately, and genuinely taken care of by the insurance carrier. When, in reality, the provider’s agenda is to quickly move through the claim, paying the least amount of damages possible related to medical care, and efficiently close the case before the injured even knows what really just happened. When any accident occurs, consulting with a personal injury lawyer should be your next action.

Dog Bite Injuries

The first thing to know about dog bites, is that nearly a quarter of them annually, require medical care. Moreover, children are often the victims. Parents are distracted, trying to gather information and care for their child, and may not immediately think to phone an attorney, which is crucial for three reasons.

  • Obtaining Animal Information
  • Anticipating Costly Subsequent Bite Injuries
  • Animal Owner Liability

Post-bite, information including the owner of the dog is needed to know whether or not the animal is up-to-date on its vaccinations. When someone is bitten, there are also the health considerations of the bitten party, to consider. If someone is in less than perfect health, an animal bite may prove a far worse injury. Therefore, after responding to the bite, making a call to a personal injury lawyer is the next step.

Lastly, if a strange dog does bite you, the bite should always be reported to animal control, and a police report made.

The Dangers and Treatments for Dog Bites

When any level of medical care is needed after a dog bite, a physician is needed to properly examine the bite’s depth. Dog bites are vicious, and are responsible for severe muscle, and tendon damage, in addition to the possible injury to nerves or bone. Wounds must be cleaned to adequately remove dirt, dead tissue, and bacteria, and stitches may also be required. The risk of infection, alongside scarring, possible plastic surgery, and rabies, are other things to consider. Antibiotics are typically prescribed, and can be needed for up to two weeks after a dog bite. Multiple follow-up doctor appointments are usually required.

Personal Injury Damages

Persons suffering a dog bite can be entitled to the following:

  • Medical Care Compensation
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Punitive Damages

Seeking professional legal direction after a dog bite is necessary to hold the dog owner responsible, and to ensure that the injured party is cared for appropriately. Personal injury cases, like other legal arguments, will have many defenses that only an attorney can successfully prevail against. Moreover, an attorney will have the experience to involve other potentially responsible parties including landlords, and property owners.