Five Reasons You May Need a Commercial Litigation Attorney

Opening a new business will require you to handle many of the daily operations to get the business up and running. Then, when your company starts to grow and expand, you will probably need the help of other people. You will find that you don’t have the time to handle all the things that you once had time to do and you will be hiring more and more people. In many instances, as you grow, your company could be faced with legal challenges and you may have to deal with a legal dispute with another business, a customer, a lender, suppliers or even your own employees. In these situations you will want to talk to a commercial litigation attorney. In most business cases you will need the knowledge and experience that a commercial litigation lawyer can offer you. These lawyers can save your business and are essential in helping you to resolve legal issues that your business may encounter. There are five reasons why you may need the help of a well-trained commercial litigation attorney or business lawyer.

1. Ensure your Business is in Compliance with Labor Laws

When your company expands, you will need to add more employees. It can be difficult to keep up with the ongoing changes in workplace laws. You could inadvertently violate your employee’s rights, and before you know it, you’re being sued. Do you know that employers have thresholds when certain laws and employee rights kick in? How many employees do you have and what laws kicks in when you go over a certain number? It is important that you understand the basics with federal labor law and state labor law. Each state has their own labor laws and they will be different in many cases from the federal labor law. In situations like this, a business attorney is invaluable and help you avoid unnecessary law issues.

2. Aid in Developing Your Corporate Structure

It is imperative that your business is based on a solid foundation. A commercial attorney will be proficient at evaluating your business and assisting you in deciding on the most appropriate business structure. Depending on the type of corporate structure you use can determine the level of personal liability as it relates to you as the company’s owner. If you select the structure of your business without the consultation of an attorney, you could unwittingly presume more of a personal risk than is necessary or not take advantage of major tax laws.

3. Your Business is Protected Legally

When you hire a commercial litigation lawyer, you should not have to worry about any legal issues sneaking up on you. A commercial litigation attorney can keep you posted as to what legal issues may need to be addressed and help you plan to be prepared for new laws or changes that could extremely disrupt your business. Having access to a commercial litigation attorney can provide you with that go-to person who is equipped to handle legal issues before they become problems. This will allow you to focus on other pressing matters in your business.

4. Evaluate Contract Agreements

Operating a business requires the use of many contracts. At times you will need a contract with a wide range of business professionals that include employees, partners, investors, and vendors to ensure the person’s or entity’s rights are protected. Many times we overlook the contracts that are needed to protect us and we just accept what is put in front of us. It can be a huge mistake to sign or develop a contract without the proper legal assistance. Creating your contract may not provide you with sufficient legal protection, but commercial litigation lawyers can correctly draft an agreement on behalf of your business to help you avoid problems in the future. How many times have you accepted the terms of use on a vendors website or the terms of use on all the programs you have signed up for? These are all contracts that can help you or hurt you. Be careful what you sign.

5. Decide if Litigation is the Best Choice

Lawyers realize that litigation, at times, is not the most efficient way to deal with an issue. Commercial attorneys can assist you in reviewing the cost to benefit of a lawsuit and facilitate a resolution without court proceedings, which always keeps the best interest of the company in the forefront.

By following these five reasons you may need a commercial litigation attorney suggestions, you will be well prepared for many of the legal issues your business may face.