Doing Your Own Research, Are There Places I Can Go to Look Up Lawsuits Like Mine?

Researching your lawsuit will give you the advantage of being as prepared as possible while drawing from cases that serve as precedent for yours.

In this Litigation Guide article we will help you find ways to look up lawsuits like yours to get the information you want.

Where to Look Up Lawsuits

The first step is to do a simple search online for the exact type of lawsuit you are filing. For example, search terms like these: “car accident lawsuit”, “drunk driving lawsuit”, or “divorce lawsuit”.

The more specific you can be, the more closely your results will match what you’re looking for. Since there is no single online library of all types of lawsuits, you’ll have to spend some time in your research. You might need to look at 10+ websites before you find the information you want.

Most of these sites will tell you what factors need to be in place for you to have a legitimate lawsuit and how you should pursue it. You might also find information about the type of litigation attorney you should contact for your case. These might include a medical malpractice attorney, a personal injury attorney, divorce attorney, product liability attorney, etc.

Searches for Specific Lawsuits

If you know of a specific lawsuit you want to look up, you can find lawsuit databases online. Most charge a fee for providing information about specific lawsuits.

A couple of websites you can use to begin your search include:, Lawsuits Today, LexisNexis.  These sites give you access to the documentation that has been filed in the case so you’ll have complete information in front of you.

Be prepared to take some time and perhaps spend some money to find information about lawsuits like yours. The investment of time and money might be the key to your success.